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I have been an attorney since October of 2001.  I started out with the State Attorney's Office in Orlando and Kissimmee.  During that time I developed experience with misdemeanor and juvenile cases handling both misdemeanors and felonies at the juvenile level.  I also came to know most of the legal community of Central Florida in that position.  I believe a well-connected attorney is going to best be able to assist her or his clients because....while I will go to trial if needed....most people know me and know they can trust me and know they can work with me to get the best possible outcome.

I started my own firm in 2004 out of a series of glaring concerns about some of the things I came to see as a prosecutor.  I believe the law is about necessary rules to make sure we live in an orderly society and to protect the rights of all of us...most especially those of us who cannot protect themselves.  I do not think the law should be used as an instrument to bully the weak or to protect the interests of those whose interests are already well-represented at the expense of the less fortunate.  When I started my firm, it was my goal to use the law to make a difference to help people. 

I have extensive trial practice in criminal defense.  I have completed nine felony jury trials since my departure from the State Attorney's Office, handling the defense of individuals charged with everything from felony drug possession to murder and sexual battery.  I will bring this experience to you as a defense attorney.

Before going to law school, I worked as a case worker for a mental health agency in Jacksonville.  In that job, I worked extensively with individuals who have severe mental illnesses that prevent them from living on their own.  It was because of this commitment to helping those individuals live as well as can be that I also practice guardianship law.  I know what families who are caring for a loved one with a severe mental illness are facing on a day to day basis, and it is my goal to make sure no legal barriers stand in the way of caring for those loved ones.

I have extensive practice in family law.  I have handled over 200 family law cases in the past ten years, assisting with everything from simple to complex divorce, paternity, adoption, dependency, and domestic violence injunctions.   I realize that crises in a family that necessitate the intervention of the courts are incredibly stressful, and that people going through these difficult times need a lawyer who will stand by them and listen to them.  I am that lawyer.


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