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About Me


I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and attended the University of North Florida and the University of Florida Law College of Law.  After graduation from law school I moved to the Orlando area and took a job with the State Attorney's Office in 2001.  I started my own practice in 2004 after leaving the State Attorney's Office, and have been on my own ever since.
In addition to my lawyer duties, I am also a college professor, having taught college at levels ranging from vocational/technical college to law school. 
I am active in local bar associations, and served as chairperson of the Solo and Small Firm Committee of the Orange County Bar Association from 2014 to 2017.  In 2012, I received the Guardian of Justice award from the Seminole County Bar Association in recognition of my work with the Legal Aid Society.
I enjoy running, working out, golf, and collecting classic rock and sports memorabilia (if you come to my office, you will know what I mean).
I've also done some acting.  You can find me in a number of indie films playing everything from live-in housekeeper to Congresswoman.  For more on that check out my page on IMDb.  And like most frustrated movie stars, I'm working on a screenplay.  I have also written a book designed to help bullying survivors (I'm a bullying survivor).  More on that soon.....
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